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As everyone knows, the social media giant, Facebook, can be a pioneer in linking people all over the world. With the beginning of the unique feature in Facebook pages, they have benefitted a number of businesses. Still, few people can succeed. Many businesses experience negative results. It would be a wise idea to first discover how many businesses are on Facebook before beginning a business page. By knowing this, we will be able to clearly differentiate between dos and don’ts over a Facebook page. This may immensely help in brand building and, in turn, result in our success.

Buy Facebook Fans
Since we know not all businesses are benefitted using this page, the question we think about is, “What makes a page successful?”

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The amount of fans alone will not determine the success of a webpage. There are many other factors to focus on like continuous interaction, updating, and rewarding. Focusing on these points will definitely boost your businesses rate of success.

Let us now see how many businesses are on Facebook, which can be most successful, and the reasons behind their success.

•    Ben & Jerry’s Ice Creams: This is actually the most successful business on Facebook. Their chosen wall picture portrays happiness and take care of their fans. They continuously update and communicate with useful and quality information. Without doubt that Ben & Jerry’s is one among the most creative of economic pages. They also have a unique feature called text flipping. This allows text to be viewed inverted.

•    Pizza Hut: The wall picture of Pizza Hut makes fans hungry and, most significantly, tempted. Their page known for creativity and attention grabbing messages. They have instilled a feeling of care in all their fans and customers using their unique service and delivery.

•    Victoria’s Secret: Victoria’s Secret even offers a unique and catchy wall picture. They continuously connect to all their fans and customers. With only one click, they clarify any doubts with fashion. Their page is definitely a sexy one.

•    iTunes: iTunes also owns a really catchy and unique wall photo. They also continuously interact increase their customers about the latest hits. Who on the earth doesn’t like music? There is a tutorial helping new fans and customers. The best thing about this page is that they award 20 free songs simply for becoming a fan… wow!

•    Pringles: Their wall photos are mainly humorous and catchy, that can bring a smile to people. They allow anyone to comment on their product. It has been noted that almost 90% of these comments have been positive. Overall, Pringles is a very successful business and delicious chip.

When it comes to how many businesses are on Facebook, the result goes endless. The sad part is the fact that there are a very meager number of successful pages on Facebook.

I am certain that many who see this article on how many businesses are on Facebook implement these points inside the creation and repair off their page. Be at liberty in contacting and letting me know your valuable feedbacks.

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